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Welcome to Elevated Therapy`s Weight Management Programme with Jacqueline Preston.

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Jacqueline Preston at Elevated Therapy

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Grantham
The Department of Health recommends you choose a CNHC registered hypnotherapist.
Michael`s Reg No: 001660-L10. Jacqueline`s Reg. No.: 000082-F13
Michael Millett qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1995 and is now also a hypnotherapy supervisor and he was in London in successful private practice for more than 17 years before relocating to Grantham in 2011.

At Elevated Therapy in Nottingham, Lincoln and Grantham at the Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices in Grantham, we use proven techniques for success.
I want everyone to experience the thrill of personal empowerment through reducing their weight if appropriate.
It is the powerful combination of hypnotic techniques, NLP and the `Energy Therapies` and nutrition which ensure your success.
What Will Our Sessions Do for You???
Our sessions use the magic of your mind for FABULOUS results and are all natural. You require no pills, no crazy diets and no strenuous exercise programmes with it.
However, better results will be achieved as part of a general calorie controlled diet and exercise programme.
Do consider having a look at our Weight and Nutrition Clinic run by Dr. Jacqueline Preston to be guided by her.
If you are seeing your own dietician or have a particular medical condition requiring a `special` diet then you will need to stick to that and our hypnotic / supportive work will form an adjunct to this.
Our work guides you in making better eating choices -- ones more pleasing and positive than the old ones.
It helps you in discovering and participating in a physical activity that gives you pleasure. Also you can increase your metabolism, burn off those unwanted pounds, tone and firm your body and truly feel well!


Most people experience very quick results, others take a little longer assimilating these new ideas. However you respond, I know from the experience of working with many clients, that
  You Will Be Thrilled With Your New Success.
Thrilled with your new Self-confidence in Grantham and Newark. Thrilled with your new feeling of well-being. Thrilled as you experience the weight melt off and you discover your True Self ------- all in a healthy, natural way.
            Our approach is the Body-Mind method

Everything about you begins first as a thought and/or emotion. This then produces an action. 
When you change the thought or address the emotion, you change the action. When you consciously and repeatedly focus on the NEW DESIRE it will become a part of your automatic behaviour. 
This is how our weight loss programme in Grantham helps you succeed through hypnotherapy and other change work methods.

Also as you learn to become aware of the workings of your mind & body, you can move towards a level of high performance in all aspects of your life, be it weight management, disease prevention, personal or business goals.  This type of self-development and Body-Mind method through hypnosis, NLP and the `Energy Therapies` is invaluable to your future.
No matter your age or current health status, you can develop a higher level of functioning through it.
                             What you will experience

You are guided into relaxation/hypnosis (or Alpha-Mind level) and use the power of consciously directed thoughts, words and images to establish new habits, attitudes, emotions and behaviours. 
When you are in Alpha-Mind level you are in communication with your inner mind or Unconscious Mind. It is this part of you that is responsible for all autonomic behaviour -- pulse rate, heart beat, cell renewal, hair growth, etc. The unconscious is your storehouse and the `real` you.
It contains everything about you, including the original messages or programmes that have created the present you.

The `Energy Therapies` deal with your emotions and in particular the disruption in the body`s energy system which comes about as a result of ALL negative emotions and cravings.
Eating is a necessity. Eating when you don't feel hungry is a habit and can also be due to the disruption in your body`s energy system. Habits are controlled in the unconscious mind and the disruption is neutralized or balanced by applying one of the `Energy Therapies`. Consciously, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Your unconscious, which operates 90% of the mind, wants you to look and feel your maximum best too.
This can all be achieved as the unconscious and conscious parts of your mind and the automatic systems of your body begin to work together for your benefit.
                                The good news

These methods used together produce fast and lasting results.
Remember, repeated focus on an image, thought, behaviour or result will manifest itself and become automatic. An example of this is learning something new---a new game, sport, language, etc. 
You focus on the desire, you repeat the process and you achieve results. 


Jacqueline Preston at Elevated Therapy

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Dr. Michael G Millett (Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark & Grantham)
Ph.D, M.Msc

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