Various Levels in a Past Life Regression Session at Elevated Therapy

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(Level 1) - Tuning into a TV Set.>>>>>The picture is blurred or unreal, with occasional glimpses of what look like period costume dramas.
There may be some sense of recognition or connection. This is a very light level with little focus or clarity.
This Level is very common in first sessions or when something is trying to surface from the depths of the superconscious memory.

(Level 2) - Watching the Movie.>>>>>The whole story is happening, but the process is one of observing, not participating.
There is little emotional involvement.
The characters and the story may well feel familiar, but you may be unsure which role is `you`.
It could be happening to someone else. 

(Level 3) - Acing the Movie.>>>>>
There is a sense of taking part and being involved in what is going on.
The tastes, smells, the feelings, the atmosphere are there. The story-line may be unclear however.
There is still a feeling of detachment, wondering `Is this really me?`.
You may also appear to be stuck at a particular time and find it difficult to look back in response to a question.  
There is little identification with the character and guidance and help to act is required from me. 

(Level 4) - Living the Life.>>>>>All the emotions are fully experienced, the bodily sensations are unmistakable.
There is little confusion and you can move around in time to find answers and clarity. You are fully engaged and involved and also aware of your present life.
There is identification with the character which you will refer to as. `I am` but will still be able to comment on connections with your present life. 

(Level 5) - Being the Person.>>>>>At this Level you are totally involved, unaware of anything else and you feel everything you felt in that life.
There is full identification with the character. The recall is vivid, all the emotional and pains, the joys and sorrows are your experience.
At this Level there is little connection with your present life. Everything is reported in the present tense and felt in absolute detail as `now`.
I may well have to bring you up to Level 4 before any connection to the present life is made or before healing or other work can take place.

During the experience, it is usual and may be necessary to move between the different levels.

Old feelings that have been blocked may need to be experienced in graphic detail - physically and emotionally.
But dissociation may then be required to see the connections with your present life or to let go of that old pattern(s). 

My skill as a Past Life Healer is in helping to move you readily between these different Levels and guide you into finding your own answers.
It is important to point out that some people will never actually `see` anything when undergoing a past life experience.
They may just feel everything very vividly, or `just know`. (You may not be sure where the information is coming from, but you know it).
Even with lives remembered with vivid recall at a deep level and appearing if they were true, they can still be symbolic or allergoric and lack factual truth.
However, you need to go through them as if they were true for you - in essence they are part of your own story.
They have a psychological and spiritual validity for you.
They need attention and possible healing and deserve to be heard no matter where they come from!
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