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I believe the unconscious mind is the pivotal component in establishing and maintaining psychological problems and is the essence to work with for treatment effectiveness. Therefore, the unconscious mind is the mechanism for eliminating problems. 
I also believe it is "intention" that is the primary instrument for promoting healing within the unconscious mind.

BE SET FREE FAST™ (BSFF) was developed some years ago by Larry Phillip Nims, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who was trained in the innovative "Callahan Techniques"  (now "Thought Field Therapy") in 1990. He was among the first few professionals trained by Dr. Callahan.
Since then he has been in the forefront of new developments in the Energy Therapies. BSFF which he developed is a simple highly focused Power Therapy method of healing. It rapidly eliminates negative emotional roots and the self-limiting beliefs which lead to numerous everyday problems of human adjustment, personal ineffectiveness, emotional pain, dissatisfaction, and personal unfulfillment. 
These unconscious programmes automatically keep us from living freely and joyfully and at our full potential. The BSFF method eliminates the negative emotional roots and self-limiting belief systems which are embedded in the unconscious mind and which are 'locked' together by specific energy circuits. These negative emotions and beliefs create and maintain psychological and physical symptoms which can result in life adjustment, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual problems and issues, including medical, and health problems as well.

BSFF readily eliminates/neutralises the same emotionally-based problems as all of the Power Therapies. 
However, it is believed that BSFF works at deeper psychological levels than some other Power Therapies by specifically and purposefully treating the unresolved emotional roots and the belief systems of each specific problem.
Very often, due to years of negative unconscious programming - debilitating medical and health problems, including, allergies, many degenerative diseases, and immune deficiency diseases can also manifest and become our reality. BSFF can be very helpful with these problems too, especially when combined with effective medical and/or complementary treatment where it can act as an adjunct to these.

BSFF directly addresses the unconscious processes that establish and trigger debilitating and dysfunctional reactions. It rapidly and gently eliminates problems even when you do not know what the problems are. All that is required is that you notice a "problem" with your conscious mind. Focusing conscious attention on the problem during treatment is not required.
In, addition, BSFF does not require re-experiencing past traumas and emotional distresses.
Neither does it lead to unpleasant abreactions (strong negative emotional arousal) after the treatment sessions.
BSFF uses only one four-step algorithm (treatment sequence) to eliminate every identified problem. Another ten-second procedure resolves unforgiveness. 
There are typically between 700 and 1900 emotional roots to any specific problem in adults, and somewhat fewer in children. Each BSFF treatment sequence simultaneously eliminates all of these roots, collectively, for each problem. 

Many treatment issues may have multiple problems (sometimes called aspects) to treat, including those that are called Psychological Reversals. (Self Sabotage).
It is why you sometimes seem to be your own worst enemy and don`t reach those `new levels` you truly want. Psychological Reversal is an immensely important and practical discovery that is finding its way into several disciplines.
Psychological Reversals are treated with the same application as all other problems in BSFF. 
This allows for a seamless treatment sequence which is easy for you to understand and to execute, and it optimizes the likelihood that you will use the treatments on your own.
However, some problems are hugely complex, and may take many sessions in order to get a really 
satisfactory result, particularly for beginners in the process.

The Power of Forgiveness

A major emphasis in BE SET FREE FAST work is the detection and elimination of the negative attitudes, judgement, criticism, and unforgiveness which are very often directed towards yourself, others, the world, life, and God/Spirit. Unforgiveness is viewed as one of the most severe and self-limiting problems in human experience and a block to sustained healing.
There are many very serious psychological and social consequences to anyone who holds on to `unforgiveness`. Amazingly, after the related hurt and anger is quickly eliminated with the BSFF procedure, the unforgiveness is totally eliminated in one simple ten-second treatment. 
This often produces a profound change in the mental, emotional, behavioural, and spiritual experience of the person in session.

BSFF and Other Energy Therapies

BSFF readily treats the same emotionally based problems that are typically treated by
other Energy Therapies and by most traditional psychotherapies. BSFF appears to work at deeper psychological levels than other Energy Therapies because it specifically addresses problems that originate deep in the unconscious mind. The essential importance of unconscious processes in creating and maintaining psychological and physical symptomology is not always directly addressed and treated in other psychotherapeutic approaches or some Energy Therapies.

Like all Energy Therapies, the remarkable effectiveness of the BSFF treatments does not depend on your belief that it will work. Clients can, and typically do, remain quite sceptical.
Still, they achieve the same consistent freedom when using BSFF. 
BSFF works so effectively because it addresses and eliminates the roots of problems at an unconscious level and out of conscious awareness.

Compatibility with Other Psychotherapies

BSFF can effectively enhance the therapeutic and counselling process in conjunction with any other psychotherapeutic method or intervention. I easily integrate it into my others ways of working and other treatment methodologies to streamline and enhance the effectiveness of treatment of most diagnoses I encounter in therapy.

BSFF skilfully accomplishes the essential therapeutic requirement of eliminating the negative emotions and beliefs that typically impede or prevent lasting progress in psychotherapy and counselling. 
Also, your energy that was bound up in each problem, is now free to be used elsewhere within your system which is so empowering for you.

This new freedom reduces the need for learning better coping skills. When the problem is eliminated, it no longer requires coping skills and energy to manage it or try and combat it. I can then more quickly and effectively help you with the third major component of therapy--that of learning more skilful and effective living skills in the previously limiting areas of your life, e.g., relationships, learning, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills.

In session, I teach every client the "Instant BSFF" procedure because it is so simple to understand and to use, independently, in everyday life.
This helps assure that you will actually use it to help yourself BE SET FREE on an on-going basis. 
I want everyone to be empowered to optimally steer and direct their own lives.
Like my BSFF treatments, Instant BSFF can be used silently. Only a single, instant treatment is needed to eliminate all of the emotional roots and the belief system of each individual problem. 

The BSFF System also includes an elegant method for embedding new, functional programmes into the unconscious mind. This combination of procedures for eliminating problems, resolving unforgiveness, and instilling desired new programming into the unconscious mind make BSFF a total, broad and comprehensive application for rapidly enhancing every aspect of human functioning and the enjoyment of life.

A "Typical" Therapy Session Using BSFF

The steps listed below are intended to only give you a framework idea of a clinical session.
It is recognised that the provision of a safe environment, and the giving of support and hope, along with the teaching of life skills, empowerment and strategies, form the most essential part of any therapeutic session.


1. Taking of history.
2. Writing down your list of physical and emotional symptoms which you have noticed, including current medication/treatment for those conditions and the name of your supervising health practitioner if any.
3. Rating the severity of each symptom (using SUD scale from 0 to 10 - subjective units of discomfort scale) and listing alongside each symptom what you would like to be feeling instead by  asking the questions:
How would you know that you had gotten the result you wanted? 
What would be the measure? 
How would someone else know that you had made this change? 
What would they notice about you that would tell them that?
4. Introducing the BSFF protocol and procedure.
5. Treating self-esteem/self-confidence issues.
6. Commencing treatment of presenting problems, eliminating unconscious blocks, emotional roots and the belief system of each individual problem to embedding new, functional programmes if necessary. 
7. Prior to end of session, testing for shock/trauma, anger, judgement, criticism, blame, unforgiveness relating to having had the problems treated today, and treating for all of those as applicable. 
8. Finishing with the forgiveness affirmation for hurt and anger toward other individuals, God/Spirit, the world, and finally for yourself as appropriate.

2 hour sessions in Grantham with Dr. Michael G Millett at a cost of £90
If this way of working appeals to you - give him a ring on
Tel: 01476 568800 or use the UK Local Line Rate: 0845 65 88 22 0 or e-mail him now.

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