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The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell

Monday October 22nd, 1894
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6:00am –  Got up. Today is Monday and it`s washing day for this month.

Down back stairs into the kitchen, it`s dark and cold I could hear the wind blowing, and howling outside.

Expecting our "daily girl", Molly from College Street over at 7:00am to help me out. We will be busy.

The wooden tubs and `dolly` and mangle are ready for when Molly gets here. Did that over the weekend.
One wash, one boiling and one rinse, I always say. Have to light the fire under the copper and get lots of water from the pump outside. Need to clean the range and fireplace too before anything happens. 

We got a new washboard a while back which is quicker and easier to use than the old dollies, so between the two we`ll get it done right well and quick like, all before the end of the day. 
We could do with one of those new rotary washing machines like what they have over there in America. I mentioned that to Mrs. Chapman.

7:00am –  Molly arrives and starts rubbing the clothes with sunlight soap to remove stains. I was helping her to wash and rinse while attending to Breakfast as best I could. We`ll do the wringing together too using the mangle machine for the towels, table cloths and bedding in a while. 

Served up Breakfast for everyone which today was porridge, followed by bacon and eggs. 

Master James was up early this morn and had his head in the papers as usual. He was taking about Lord Rosebery our new Prime Minister for a while, the Liberals, the Unionist-dominated House of Lords and government stuff. Rosebery had supported Mr. Gladstone,`Our William`s` Second Home Rule Bill in the House of Lords which was sadly defeated this time last year. I liked him for that.

Master James said that Rosebery's new selection of ministers was largely because Queen Victoria disliked most of the other leading Liberals and he also said, the Chief Secretary for Ireland, John Morley in Dublin Castle was getting right grief from the Irish gentry making things so difficult for him over Home Rule.
Sometimes, it isn`t that things are harder than you thought they were going to be, it`s often a case of them being hard in ways that you didn't expect, I always say. 
But I do say also - meet the unexpected as a friend, for you'll see a lot of it, so you had better be on speaking terms with it. And that`s the truth !

It was so shocking to hear last Thursday that Lord Rosebery`s, private secretary, Baron Kelhead died in what may have been a hunting accident or suicide or even murder as some folks are saying now. 
Some are suggesting or even saying Baron Kelhead may have had a relationship with Lord Rosebery, our Prime Minister. Well, so what if he did ! 
Others say the Marquess of Queensbury threatened to expose the Prime Minister's private life if the government did not vigorously prosecute Oscar Wilde for Wilde's relationship with his youngest son and Baron Kelhead 's younger brother, Lord Alfred Douglas. Tittle tattle, tittle tattle !
It`s a shame folk feel so closed and bitter and threatened by the things they don`t like nor understand, mind. 
Anyway, there is so much things said and gossip around these days, it`s timely that folk need to speak only the good they know of other people and encourage others to do the same. Folk can always speak well of others if their tongue can deliver the positive message of their heart.
Gossip makes you eventually lonely.

8:00am – 8:30am – Edmund came with the bread as usual and Victor soon after with the milk. Victor said he had cut well down on the drink and was slowly getting over the death of his wife. Poor Man ! 
I say it`s more plain and simple - It`s how to deal with life. I told him bottling up your feelings is one of the worst things you can do to yourself, especially when something major like that happens to you in your life.

Don’t put up a front just because you want to appear strong in this world. The world is the world. People cannot and will never understand what you go through in your own special life. So deal with it the best way you can. Consider how lucky you are that life has been good to you so far.
I was glad to hear Victor is dealing with life. 

It took the two of us to peg out the washing in the yard on the lines. It was harder than usual with the wind. Molly was singing the music hall song , “Oh Mr Porter” and I joined in at the chorus:

Oh! Mr Porter, what shall I do,
I wanted to go to Birmingham, and they've taken me on to Crewe.
Take me back to London, as quickly as you can.
Oh! Mr Porter what a silly girl I am.


We was howling so much with laughter. Our kitten, Little Blackie was running after the leaves. It`s so nice to live in a world where there are Autumns. Can`t imagine life without an autumn. As William Cullen Bryant said: "Autumn... the year's last, loveliest smile."
Just play, enjoy the game and smile, and laugh, I always say. 
It`s good to get wildly enthusiastic about little things. Friends and animals help so much and make life a lot more fun too.

Then one of the sheets slaps Molly right on the bottom, and at the very same time, her dress blew up into the air over her head. Oh My !
All I could see were these three-quarter length white cotton bloomers with a lace frill. My face must have been a picture, I didn`t know where to look !
We couldn`t stop howling which was so irresistibly contagious, have to say.

Mrs. Chapman came out to see what the commotion was about. She appeared quite alarmed but then she were howling too when she seen Molly, spinning around in the wind with her dress over her head and howling with her soul dancing and singing `Oh! Mr Porter`. 
I don't think Molly knew Mrs Chapman were there or she might not be singing and spinning with such abandon. She is as mad as hops is our Molly.

Blackie then took a fancy to the main dining-room table cloth on the line with the hanging pompoms blowing in the wind, and the commotion got worse with Little Blackie jumping at the pompoms blowing on the line.
Mrs. Chapman had to sit down on the low wall to the garden with laughing and shouted at Blackie calling her a little imp. We both looked at each other while Molly was spinning round and round. That`s her name - Imp !! 
What a right lovely and fitting new name for the kitten. She`s a Lincoln Imp, she is ! 

The original “Lincoln Imp`s” bottom got a good thrashing by the angel in Lincoln Cathedral me Mam always said before it was turned to stone like its friend the "Grimsby Imp" after it was blown into the cathedral by strong winds and creating mayhem and mischief in there.
We all agreed after Molly got a right slap on the bottom by the sheet in the strong wind and finally got her dress back down and composed herself, agreed that Imp was a perfect name for the kitten now.
We all laughed and howled in the wind over it all.

Then Molly told me later she can`t make her mind up about getting herself a position at one of the fine houses in Stamford to be near by her Percival at Burghley House or stay on in Grantham. Perhaps it`s a situation of two rights that is making it so hard for her to decide instead of just right or wrong.
I don`t want her to go, but I am not going to try and influence her. The secret of my guidance is that it remains secret.
This reminds me about secrets. The greatest secrets are always well hidden, and if you don't believe in magic you will never find them.

5:00pm –  Got all the washing done and hung out and brought in again. We left some things to finish drying on clothes horses and lines inside as much out of the way as we could. Finally ironed some of the items with the flat irons. Molly went home.

7:00pm –  Served dinner of Pot-au-Feu using mutton with boiled potatoes followed by Parmese Pudding. Master James read out letters at the table from young Tim and Archibald at school in Uppingham that he received this morning from them. They said they missed me cooking and wanted some of me Gingerbread Biscuits sent to them. Oooh, I felt right proud to hear that and oooh how I miss those lads.
Young Tim is a right cheeky monkey, so he is.
Still, they`ll be home at Christmas which isn`t so far away now. I love Christmas.
11:00pm –  In bed at last and thinking about making me Christmas cake this week. I will need Molly in too for an extra day to help me make the pickles and chutneys. The pantry is looking a bit bare now bar all the jams us made in the summer.
I need to think too about Christmas presents and buying them, as I can afford them before the big day. I have saved up, so will be alright.

Must start reading a new book again as I have finished reading nice Mr. Scotts book, "The Heart of Midlothian" at the weekend. Too tired tonight to start one, I am.
I would like to visit Edinburgh one day. Guid cheerio the nou as they say ! Been an exhausing day.

Victorian Washing Dolly


The Lincoln Imp

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