Tipperary House in Grantham 1894 21 Dudley Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire
The Diaries of Polly in Grantham

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The Victorian Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell
Over the next while, more interesting things and features will be coming online.
I also wish to invite current Grantham residents as well as people who have moved away - into this local, national and international project to share and contribute and help me promote, champion and advocate our town and the county of Lincolnshire, through new features with it`s history, and its wonderful heritage and the need for it`s increased preservation.
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Michael dedicates this project to all the residents of Grantham,
 both past and present and to the people and the county of Lincolnshire,
and to everyone that appreciates or carries and cherishes either
British and Irish Heritage, or both.
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Grantham History

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The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell
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Michael is authoring a history project and organically writing a unique, creative and untold story through intuition and feeling in "conversational" diary form.
It follows and mirrors from the characters who lived in his house in Grantham,
Lincolnshire more than 120 years ago.
The Diaries start in 1894, and are a mix of fact and fiction.
Based on much essentially accurate and historical fact from many sources, emulating from the house`s full deeds showing it`s own unique history, supported with other papers and information from the house and locality, infused with Michael`s inspired verve, the house expressing and echoing through it`s very own personal imprint, its honorable and altruistic morgana, and character, and with Michael`s
translating and through his creative interpretation - this beautiful house bursts into life on many levels !!

Combined with Michael`s own understanding and personal expertise in British and Irish history, connecting to the `energy` and legacy of his own `interesting` heritage, his gift of healing and healthy empathy for others, and through his creative writing and in-sync with his strong love for "Tipperary House", the story unfolds and the times are reignited..........

The central focus are the Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell known affectionately as "Polly" and the world at that time as written through her eyes. Polly is a live-in housemaid and cook to the successful and affluent merchant Chapman Family at 21 Dudley Road, Grantham in Lincolnshire.

Polly came from Yorkshire and before that from County Mayo in Ireland, where she was brought over by the Tukes as a `rescued child` of 3 years of age having lost her entire original family during the Great Famine or `an Gorta Mór`.
The Tuke Family were York Quakers and heavily involved in relief and philanthropic work, especially in the west of Ireland in the 19th century.
Polly has been with the Chapmans since she first went into service as was expected when she reached her teens.
She joined the household of the Chapman Family in the city of
Lincoln after being brought up and taken care of previously by a middle class Yorkshire family (The Wennells) from the village of Idle in Bradford whom she also loved and regarded as family but knew her place, background and destiny.
She is 46 years old in 1894 and 
moved down to Grantham with the eldest Chapman son (James) and his family some years prior. James got married very young at 18 years old to Jessamine Clayton. The first diary entry starts in Grantham in 1894 in Polly`s own and inimitable style.
Her first entry was dated Friday, July 20th, 1894.

Polly is a warm character with a big, big heart and her loyalty to the Chapmans is unquestionable. She is a woman with depth and wisdom beyond her years, time and status. She has oodles of compassion, tempered with heart-centered honesty and fixed directness sometimes, and always kissed with 
honour and integrity
Her "University" is the "Wisdom" learned from the examined experience of her own life and
through knowledge, passed down through generations and heritage. She is a `wise woman`.  Knowing comes from both her heart and her head and more.

Her duty to herself and the Chapmans is to follow what is simple and right and to live her own path with grace, and to know that all human life is linked to the rest of creation

Discover and become more absorbed in the intriguing characters of Polly and the Chapmans in Grantham on a story of the town of Grantham and her community, the county of Lincolnshire, two kindred nations, two connected countries - their history and their people and the lives of this family in Grantham through the eyes of this insightful woman at this time -
Mary Ann Wennell
"Polly" -
so often sees and feels life from somebody else's point of view, she knows that for the most part other people are just trying to be themselves, trying to be happy and fulfilled in their own life and in their own way, but it`s not always easy.
Whilst the scenery, props or time in history of life may change, human nature remains a constant as is utterly reflected in our lives today. 
Polly feels their walk, their breath, their energy, their fear, their wisdom, their brilliance, their love and their hopes and dreams too. 

This "Energy work" project is `process driven` with a `new systems approach` and intuitive reaching (a term coined by Michael), with emotion at the core, so perhaps, the records or stories are not just stories or history as such but ......energy, intuition, heritage, old wisdom and truth, imagination, narrative and emotions both tangible and intangible at the corpus !!! 

There are many messages and subtleties and deeper wisdom too, in her words, so read carefully !

Michael believes some wonderful `energy` or `magic` and `healing` and FUN has been opened for us all here - for those that are `open` and interested in English and Irish heritage and history and particularly the `Victorian Era` and wish to follow the series, and perhaps for those that are curious too! There are many, many Diary entries over several years, and Michael will release these systematically over the course of time. 
Michael hopes you may enjoy this project and connection, as you experience being transported back in time with her words, her pearls of wisdom - the rich essence in her deeper messages and meanings - giving you thoughts to ponder for yourself, through experiencing her fun, simplicity, her directness sometimes and her insight. Expanding too perhaps, more complete ways of thinking about and hopefully experiencing yourself as well.

This creative project is also very much about learning about the history of the wonderful town of Grantham and county of Lincolnshire and beyond. 
We are the past, being a result of the events, whether good, bad or indifferent from history, and which influence and guide our actions today !
As William Lund said: "We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future."  
So, we ALL need to connect with our cultural heritage, no matter what our culture and background is, and to preserve this item of value and be more guided by it today for the good, and for the betterment of all.
Through offering a collective sense of history and culture, an account of past accomplishments and a means of cultivating communal hopes for the future.

It is hoped you may learn, laugh and cry with Polly and perhaps through her -  find your own answers within her thoughts and wisdom - taking on board her advice "energetically" perhaps sometimes with her guidance and counsel as appropriate, and with that - find better emotions, and more befitting ways, and more suitable solutions to things more in your own life today - from that instinctual place deep inside you.... your intuition and how you really feel beneath those layers of logic and conditioning - more than perhaps you have ever experienced before ! 

Grantham History
21 Dudley Road
In coming to this site, there are those that are ONLY interested in the historical facts of Grantham itself and indeed, the history of the greater East Midlands counties of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire etc. or are only interested in the Mary Ann Wennell Recipe`s and the Mary Ann Wennell Health and Home Remedies, and the "Tipperary Tips" !!
and have found this site through search engines and friends - thank you for stopping by. You are most welcome !
Elevated Therapy International ® in creating this exciting and original project in addition to everything has strived to make the historical information, delicious recipes and metaphysical principles of reality (divine knowledge) and all data here with some poetic license correct and helpful for everyone.
All are welcome to enjoy the photos and historical information, songs and Polly`s Recipes and Remedies, Tipperary Tips and any other things you may find interesting, amusing, important and valuable.
Hopefully, this will compel you to conduct research of your own and connect with the spiritual beliefs of your ancestral roots as well. The deep connections with others by seeking wisdom, striving for growth, drawing closer to a higher power or nature, and tolerance and forgiveness of others which will ultimately lead you to a more fulfilling life.

Welcome to Tipperary House - both Past and Present

Fáilte go dtí Teach Thiobraid Árann - idir déanaí agus reatha

Tipperary Coat of Arms


This is a private creative project from Dr. Michael G Millett outside of his main work as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, meta physicist and counsellor now based in Grantham in Lincolnshire.
Everything here carries full copyright © by Dr. Michael G Millett, Elevated Therapy
®. All rights reserved. 
May not be used, copied or redistributed by anyone in any manner whatsoever.

The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell
The land on which “Tipperary House” is built was leased in 1882
from Dudley Francis Stuart Ryder, 3rd Earl of Harrowby,
also known as Viscount Sandon for five shillings per annum.
Dudley was also a British peer and politician.
George Sumner Hannett who leased the land from Dudley
was in fact the mayor of Grantham from the same year 1882
that he took out the lease on the land on
which Tipperary House is built and had the house built the same year.
George was Mayor of Grantham until 1885. 
George came from No.5, Steep Hill in Lincoln.
The family were cabinet makers and upholsterers and later auctioneers.
Steep Hill is the quaintest street you could ever find, in `olde` Lincoln.
Tipperary House Past & Present
Key To Rooms Back Stairs from
Polly`s Room to Kitchen
- current day `snug`
Tipperary House`s
Pump and Well
Dining Room
- current day
"Slievenamon Room"
Front Parlour
- current day
"Cormac Room"
Front Chamber
current day "Gardenia Room"
Tim and Archibald`s Chamber
- current day "Lavender Room"
Old Nursery Chamber and Polly`s Chamber
- current day Guest Wing or
"Highfield Suite"



Friday, July 20th, 1894
Return of Summer
Monday, August 13th, 1894
The Christening
Wednesday, August 15th, 1894
Independence Day
Sunday, August 19th, 1894
The Bandstand in Dysart Park
Thursday, August 23rd, 1894
Saturday, August 25th, 1894
Market Day
Wednesday, August 29th, 1894
Ta-ra-ra Boom-der-ay
Monday, October 22nd, 1894
Windy Bloomers
Monday, December 24th, 1894
A Grantham Christmas
Sunday, April 14th, 1895
Easter on Dudley Road

The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell

© by Dr. Michael G Millett, Elevated Therapy ®. All rights reserved. 


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