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The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell

Saturday August 25th, 1894
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7:30am – Got up early again today as it`s Market Day.

Down back stairs into the kitchen, pulled up the blind and opened the window. 

Got water from the pump in the bucket. Cleaned the range and fireplace. Breakfast. 

Master James was again reading the papers this morn and talking about Death Duties being reintroduced where folks that inherit money or property of a person who has died have to pay tax now, whatever next ! 

Master James was also reading about George Bernard Shaw and his successful West End comedy play “Arms and the Man” at the Royal Avenue Theatre near Trafalgar Square in London. George is going to focus full time on play writing now, Master James said. Annie Horniman, the tea heiress sponsored it. I have heard Annie Horniman is a very interesting woman and a member of a magical order as well some say, and explores different religions, she does. She actually smokes in public too ! Sounds a very interesting person, would like to meet her. I think we `d have a lot in common, I do - apart from this smoking, that is. It satisfies no normal need. 

Master James was talking again about the defeat of the Irish Home Rule Bill and how Mr. Gladstone,`Our William` was the author of his own defeats on home rule, with his secretive drafting alienating supporters, and enabling serious flaws to appear in the text of his bills. The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing, I always say. I don`t know what to think now, I don`t. 

Went to the Market up in the Square which is an open air market full of trestle tables selling everything from fish to cheese, it is. It were busy today with lots of street entertainers and jugglers.
There was an organ grinder with a parrot going around, he were, cranking away collecting a few coins in his tin cup. Several folks were rather annoyed with hearing his single tune of “After the Ball” over and over again. 

I noticed the ground was more dirty than usual and ankle deep with filth. The hot weather doesn`t help either.
There were lots of noise too with the whistling of drovers, the barking of dogs, the cries of hawkers with shouts from every corner of the market.

Ran into Mrs. Woodhouse again outside J.T. Broughton`s London T House. Had her howling again when I told her what Barney from over Cecil Street said to me the other day to get me going, and he did get me going.
He said marriage is an institution intended to keep women out of mischief and get them into trouble, he did. Well, I never ! Mrs. Woodhouse thought this was very funny.

She went on to tell me about her new bicycle costume which preserved her modesty and her health, she said. She said it were like a skirt divided to act a bit like pants. Well, she got me howling meself this time, she did. Sounds to me like an unpardonable awkwardness for sure. I am quite confused about women experimenting with riding these new personal vehicles and now strange clothing to match.

Don`t like the idea meself of becoming round shouldered stooping so over these bicycle machines. Mrs. Woodhouse laughed and said more women have become increasingly fascinated with the bicycle machine and those that have hesitated at first because of their fear of physical injury from these Bone shakers, are being convinced by physicians now that a wise decision may be made in favour of the wheel. The physicians are saying under their notice there is no organic weakness, or derangement traced to bicycling. Well, I told her, they are, are they, well - I wouldn`t put all my trust in physicians nor let enthusiasm get the better of prudence, I always say.

Taking cold is to be guarded against, and is a likely result, unless an entire bicycle costume of wool is worn and what would that look like and feel like? I said that Cotton or silk underwear will cause one to become thoroughly chilled as soon as the air strikes the dampened surface, and the heat of exercise is abated. Mrs. Woodhouse had no answer to that. Well, she wouldn`t would she.

She went off with a laugh and all chirpy like to Freeman, Hardy and Willis`. She never mentioned that Baxter family over in Dysart Road today either, and neither did I. Nice lass is Mrs. Woodhouse, and she always has something to say.
Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds brightness on all things. 

I bought some fish and sugar, Jacob's Cream Crackers, some lime cordial and some Fry's Chocolate Cream for Mrs. Chapman. Picked up some greengage jam that Master James said he was eager to try. Didn`t need any goods delivered to the house today but what I got completely filled me basket, it did.
Noticed there were very big queues today outside the grocers for their loose butter and cheese. 

Made me way home along the High Street to St. Peter`s Hill. Could hear singing coming from the Globe Inn in Butcher Row. They were singing Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green and I could hear they were well the worst for wear, and most likely fishy about the gills too. There goes secrets and promises, I`d say. Drink not to elevation is always the best plan.


She was as beautiful as a butterfly and proud as a Queen.
Was pretty little Polly Perkins of Paddington Green.

She'd an ankle like an antelope and a step like a deer.
A voice like a blackbird, so mellow and clear.
Her hair hung in ringlets so beautiful and long. 
I thought that she loved me but I found I was wrong.

Was glad to get home today with the crowds, heat and the noise, I was. 

12:00pm – Made a little light lunch for Mrs. Chapman of Oxtail Soup and added some Yorkshire Relish before serving it to her. Master James and Archibald and Young Tim were up in Lincoln today visiting all the Chapman family before Archibald`s and young Tim`s return to Uppingham School next month. We weren`t expecting them back til dinner this evening. 

3:00pm – Our "daily girl", Molly from College Street arrived to help me with the family dinner for later. She were telling me her young man Percival had got himself a position as a trainee Valet and starts at Burghley House near Stamford with Lord Burghley in September coming, next month.
Poor Molly was disappointed that she won`t see so much of Percival when he`s there with Lord Burghley. Poor love !

I told her she might like to get herself a position there too or at some of the fine houses in Stamford to be near by her Percival. I am sure Mrs. Chapman would give her a very good reference even though we wouldn`t want to lose her. A reference from our Mrs. Chapman would be well received by all. Molly was pleased to hear that and it got her thinking, it did. Told her that a fully fledged valet were a desirable position and he would be living a gentleman`s life, he would.  Well done Percival for swimming out to meet your ship. Attention and patience brings us far, but attention and perseverance brings us farther still.
I asked Molly would Percival change his name? She didn`t know.

I told Molly that Lord Burghley`s sister, Lady Mary Frances Cecil is married to Dudley Ryder, 3rd Earl of Harrowby who owns the land on which the Chapman`s House is built on Dudley Road. And Lord Burghley`s wife, Lady Georgina Pakenham is of Irish stock, they were, the Earls of Longford and related to the Duke of Wellington too, they are. 
Molly was well impressed, she was. I like Molly, she is becoming more like my dear chuckaboo every day.

6:00am – Master James, Archibald and young Tim get home from visiting the family in Lincoln. They had a great day, they said. Archibald was talking about school. Both him and young Tim like school. 
Despise school, and remain a fool, I always say. Archibald was saying that the prefects at Uppingham School were called `Pollies`. Well, I never !
Young Tim stared singing Polly Wolly Doodle again and we all laughed and joined in. 

7:00pm – Served Haricot Mutton, boiled potatoes and green vegetables. For afters, I gave them some Apple Pudding with good suet crust, cloves and a few strips of lemon peel. All were eaten, and plates cleared. 

10:00pm – Eat me own supper and tidy up. Molly has gone home a while since thinking about how she might get to go to Stamford herself with her Percival. Young Tim is in bed in his own room now since Archibald moved out of the Old Nursery to be independent.
Master James, and Archibald are in the front parlour discussing their day in Lincoln with Mrs. Chapman who stayed at home. 

11:00pm – Time to sleep. It has been an interesting and eventful day, I`d say. Thinking about these bicycle machines and bicycle costumes, I am.
I think them bicycles might bring more independence to a women which is a great idea thinking about it more. Perhaps if some women carried a sweater, and when taking long rides, slip it on after dismounting from the wheel.
In this case an inner vest of wool wouldn`t be needed. And perhaps when the rider only goes out for light exercise it may be easily gauged just what weight of clothing is required. 
I am warming to the idea, I am !

Note from Michael:
It`s interesting that Lord Burghley`s sister (Lady Mary Frances Cecil) was married to Dudley Ryder, 3rd Earl of Harrowby. Dudley owned and leased the land on which "Tipperary House" is built to George Sumner Hannett, the mayor of Grantham in 1882. George actually had "Tipperary House` built then in the same year of 1882 that he took out the lease from Dudley Ryder whose first name gave the name to Dudley Road as well.
Incidentally,  Dudley`s wife`s Aunt Georgiana who was also the Aunt of Lord Burghley on their mother`s side was married to Frederick, 4th Earl Spencer who shares the same great, great, etc grandfather as me - that being John de Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford ! ! 


Polly`s Ox Tail Soup Recipe


Grantham`s Market Square in 1894


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