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The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell

Wednesday August 15th, 1894
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7:30am – Not as humid last night. Had a sleep-in this morning. Master James, the boys and Mrs. Chapman away in Boston yesterday since.
I do hope the boys enjoyed visiting the new docks and wharves over there. Strange, I keep thinking of them as new, where do the years fly ?
The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it, and more trade and fishing was wanted and needed over in
Boston for a long time, it was. They got their new docks.
I like
Boston, I do.

Archibald seems keen on this engineering working. He`s got a will that lad, so his way will be seldom wanting. That`s good. He`s a good lad like his dad, Master James. Master James were the same when he were a lad when we was up in Lincoln. He knew he wanted merchanting after the corn exchange in Lincoln was built.
Master James always looks before him, never behind him. Say well is good, but do well is better. He`s done well, he has.

Put on me nice candy-striped `lucky` frock today. Want to look nice up town later. If you feel special about yourself then you're going to have a special day, I say - and you never know who you`ll bump into either. Opportunites can be missed by most, if it`s dressed scruffy and looks sad.

Down back stairs into the kitchen, pulled up the blind and opened the window. Another hot one, I like this weather, I do. It's Queens weather.
Perfect day for me candy-striped frock, I`d say.

Got water from the pump outside.

8:00am – 8:30am - Edmund came with the bread almost at the same time as Victor finally arrived this morning with the milk on his cart.
Victor did look the worst for wear again, he did. Poor man, losing his wife like that and his pain and grief, but he will stay late up at Henry Martin`s Nags Head up on Wharf Road til all hours !!
Mrs. Woodhouse said he goes up the Hand and Heart on Wharf Road too and even into the Stying Tavern on St. Peter`s Hill. He`s never home now as he's 
very arfarfanarf !

Shame he`s thinking if wishes would bide, beggars would ride. He`s got to snap out of that thinking, I say. He`s got to move on, he has. Poor man!
The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief. Yet strength is measured not by holding on, but by letting go, I say.
It`s true !
I do hope he can find a better way to begin to adjust to life in Grantham with his lass gone now. Poor man !

9:00am – Bread and jam,and a glass of milk. Not much cleaning to do today with the family all away since yesterday gone.
Got all the cleaning done before my afternoon off yesterday. I was pleased, I was.

I did enjoy yesterday afternoon taking my stroll up St. Peter`s Hill. I remember when it was called Wood Hill and there were hardly anything there.
I love the street lamps now, didn`t at first, have to say.

But I don`t like the obelisk in Market Place that they put up a few years back. The market cross was better and it were a shame to take it down. Shame, it were!
Been there since I can remember. They always say, changes come over time, but people change things themselves and
none are so deaf as they that will not hear.
It is not necessary to change sometimes, for what we leave behind us is often the best part of ourselves. They didn`t listen to us.
Master James said this obelisk is made out of
Aberdeen granite or some stone name from up north in Scotland. Master James likes it though, he does - but liked the market cross better, he says.
I knew he did.

12:00pm – Shopping up town. Dropped into the Co-op going up. Didn`t stop as it were too busy as usual. Hadn`t time. Called into the Post Office in the Market Place.
Seen Dr. Wilson from 16 Watergate across the street walking down. He`s a good man, and has saved a lot of lives in Grantham.

I noticed a fine handsom cab coming from the George Hotel, I wondered who it was? Couldn`t really see. I do like those handsom cabs. Joe came from Yorkshire, he did. Handsome too in his day ! He died about 12 years ago now.
Master James said Cab is a shortening of cabriolet, reflecting the design of the carriage. Not sure what that means if I'm honest. Always liked the George Hotel and its three storeys. They say the cellars may contain traces of a medieval inn. Only been in once.

Met Nora coming out of Jeffreys Outfitters on the High Street. There were a few sheep again on the street, so used the stone crossings to avoid the dirt.
Nora was collecting a hat she said from
Jeffreys for her Mrs. Heathershaw over in Barrowby. I told her that my Mrs. Chapman used to get her hats from Noah`s Ark and even Mrs. Trotter, wife of the surgeon dentist of Lincoln did before it changed, and the Angel Hotel next door bought it.
Change is good but it`s not always necessary to change sometimes, so it`s not.
Although, sometimes change can be good, mind. But only when you don't like something, tis time to change it and if you can't change it, change your thoughts and change your mind, I say.

I told her my Mrs Chapman also uses “Big Dawsons” for her dresses and not “Little Dawsons”, mind.
Norah talked about the gas explosion over in
Wales, June gone. Nora said it was called the Albion Colliery. She was right upset, she was. I think she`s up from there or nearby down Wales herself with family there, but been in Grantham a fair while now. She said loads and hundreds of men were killed. Sad it was ! Really sad !

Called into Boots the Cash Chemists for Mrs. Chapman`s personal things on the High Street and Charlie Burnett`s pork butcher shop before that for some meats.
He had me howling as he always does. He`s not afraid to laugh is our Charlie.

3:00pm – Our
"daily girl", Molly from College Street met me outside the co-op as arranged and we walked back together down St. Catherine`s Road to Dudley Road over the bridge.
It were very warm in the sun, it were, so stopped for a while looking down at the ducks and swans on the river. Molly was telling me about the young man she likes up
Dysart Road called Percival. I don`t like the name, but I never said.
Molly likes to think thoughts that make her happy and she`s right, the lass. Molly is such a good girl. Always on time too. Bless her !

Got Molly to put out the fine cutlery and china in the dining room.
Mrs. Chapman asked me to before she left, for their return and use the sideboard to serve from.
She said to me to have lots of Ginger-Pop ready for them when they got back as it would be hot, and they will feel dusty and thirsty.

6:00pm – Master James, Mrs. Chapman, Archibald and young Tim get home on the train from Boston. They had a good time they said and looked relaxed and happy.
Archibald liked his visit to the docks and wharves over there, he said.

7:00pm – Served mashed potatoes and salmon aspic with lots of fruits and vegetables and white bread. They had some cocoa muffins with greengage fruits afterwards.
Master James even had some tonight.
Perhaps, Boston makes you hungrier, I don`t know, but it got what it wanted with their new docks which aren't new anymore, it certainly did.
A sense of hunger for life gnaws in us all, and gets things done when it`s wanted, I always say. I always liked Boston, I have.

10:00pm – Eat me own supper and tidy up. Molly has gone home a while since. Young Tim is in bed.
Master James and Mrs. Chapman and Archibald are in the front parlour chatting away.

I overheard Archibald asking for his own bed chamber now and Master James saying he could remain in the old nursery chamber, and they could move young Tim.
Mrs. Chapman said she wanted young Tim then to move nearer to them. I think that is a good idea meself as he can be a nervous lad but he`s still a Cheeky Monkey, Bless him.

He`s quite the young man now is our Archibald, and needs his own chamber now, he does. It`s time to begin his own captaincy through the ocean of life as they say.

Archibald needs to feel more grown up and become more himself. Always said, you don`t need anyone's permission to be your true self, I never did !

Good things always come where minds and hearts are open and it`s nice to see it here. His own chamber would be a good place to start it, to become fully himself, I would say. They need to sort it out for the two boys.

He who lives after nature, shall never be poor. Archibald's visit to Boston today and yesterday, and the docks and wharves over there has left a strong positive impression on him with the engineering. He's looking before him. That's nice to see.
Good on Archibald for wanting to be independent, Bless him ! You can't be independent if you don't know who you are, you have got to get to know yourself first, and learn to love, and soothe yourself.

11:00pm – Time to sleep. It has been a lovely day again and yes, a special day because I felt special about meself, I did in my candy-striped `lucky` frock. Real sunny too it was. I love the sun especially when it rises of a morning, one ribbon at a time.
Perhaps, tomorrow I`ll get up earlier to see that sunrise and those ribbons, looking out of my window towards St. Wulfrum's Church. Yes, I think I will.


Polly`s Ginger-Pop Recipe

Noah`s Ark Grantham NOAH`S ARK

On the Grantham High Street - the sign outside was actually a model of a Noah`s Ark !!

Run by Edward Dickinson selling toys, fancy goods, ironmongery and general wares.

The Angel Hotel next door bought it in 1891, and it then became part of the hotel.

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