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Easter in Grantham 1895


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The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell

Easter Sunday April 14th, 1895
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7:00am – Remembered me dream more from last night than usual with the golden white lady, I did. She were floating around me and kept saying the words `things desired`. I am not sure what that means. 
Still, it was nice to see her again and I`ll give thought to it. 

I still can`t get that gruesome murder out of my mind that Master Chapman was reading about in the paper on Wednesday that happened last month in Clonmel, County Tipperary in Ireland with that poor young woman. Even the New York Times covered the story. Her husband was deranged to think she had been abducted by fairies and a changeling left in her place. He then claimed to have slain only the changeling. 
Some are even saying she is the latest witch to be burned in Ireland. Of course those that are saying that are men. Poor Bridget Cleary !  We’re all witches in one way or another. We’re all witches and magikal beneath the skin. Surely he won`t get away with it ! The political elite and newspapers here in England are now debating over the Irish people's ability to govern themselves, and the superstition of many of them who vote for the Home Rule parties. Any excuse to block it, I always say.

The Chapman family have gone up to Lincoln to Mrs. Chapmans Mam and Dad, the Claytons in Chapel Lane for the Easter holidays. They left since Maunday Thursday, the day Queen Victoria distributed the Maundy Money in white and red purses to one elderly man and woman for each year of her own age. She`ll be 76 in May will Victoria. She`ll be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee in two years time as well. 
She`s a great Queen is our Victoria.

The family took me simnel cake with almond paste and Hot Cross Bunds that I made for everyone with them to Lincoln. The boys are off school now for two weeks, they are. 
We will have a laugh together later in the week when they are home again.
They would have eaten my Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, hopefully toasted.

I do hope old Mr. Clayton had some, as a piece of a Hot Cross Bun given to someone who is ill can work wonders and help them recover, I always say.
I made sure to decorate the simnel cake with twelve marzipan balls as Mrs Clayton is quite religious, she is and I am sure she will count them.  
Don`t want to leave any of the apostles out, or have her thinking I am not mindful !
I am sure they will get Cadbury Easter eggs filled with dragees while they are there. The boys love them. 

They will call on old Master and old Mrs. Chapman in Steep Hill too. I am sure old Mrs. Chapman will be delighted with the Easter Card I made for her which Archibald will give her from me. 
It has a drawing of a bunny on the writing stationery marking the renewal of life and promoting the fertility of crops, animals, and even people. She`ll understand.
They left me a shilling extra for myself while they are away and it`s nice being in the house alone for a while for a change and of course, having little Imp with me. She`s a bonnie little thing and right big now. 
Mrs. Chapman has allowed her to stay and is really quite fond of her, she is.

Still thinking about the letter I got last week from me sister Nora Wennell in Idle in reply to mine. Wishing me a Happy Easter, she were and telling me about her time in the Cottage Hospital and the weekly sum she were charged for the services, poor love ! Still, she`s on the mend now and hopefully will remain so, please Goddess !

8:00am   Walked up to St Wulframs for the early Easter morn service with the Book of Common Prayer. 
The choir lead us in grand and inspiring music for this day of joy and celebration and spring-time which I love. They sang that lovely new hymn “How Great Thou Art”.
Wore me best blue frock and me Easter Spring Bonnet, I did. The fresh ribbons and flowers make me `chip` bonnet look as good as new.  

Afterwards, I quickly went into the Lady Chapel as usual and said a quick personal prayer to the Lady, before I left after standing there as white light from me heart and palms of me hands went out. 
The way it always does. 

9:30am   Had a bite to eat of porridge and toast. My, what a lovely day it is with the sun shining which is a powerful and appealing force to our inner spirit, I always say. 

2:00pm  Collected Molly, our "daily girl", from College Street and we went up to Dysart Park and the Bandstand to listen to the brass band there. 
It were right nice it were as it always is, and this time I made a donation. I gave the shilling that Master Chapman gave me. I loved the marches and hymns they were playing. 
They were a newly formed brass band up from Leicestershire and they play all over the East Midlands, they do.  

Well, we bumped into my `gentleman blue-eyes`, only his name is Walter ! Molly knew him right off, she did. He is her Dad Wilfred`s boss from the railway !!!
Well, I never ! I couldn`t believe Molly knew him and Wilfred`s boss to boot ! 

Molly introduced us and his hand were clean and cool and dry. As I looked into his very blue eyes, bluer and brighter than the sea itself, me heart were pounding, and I am sure I blushed this time as I had to notice him and engage. Me heart did skip up and down the whole time, quite a lot it did in truth. But I held me composure, I hope so anyways.
He stood and listened to the music with us, and Molly kept giggling, she did. Was right embarrassing at times, it were. I could have hit her ! 
We sat down for a while and Walter were taking about poetry and the poet Christina Rossetti who only died at Christmas. I didn`t know she had died ! Molly doesn`t really know poetry. 
I knew she had breast cancer but thought she got over it. Walter said it reoccurred and she died just after Christmas. 

Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you planned:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.
Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.
Afterwards, we said goodbye to Walter `gentleman blue-eyes` and strolled back to Molly`s family home on College street for tea with Wilfred and Lottie, Molly`s Mam and Dad. Nice folk they are. 
We had scones, tea and sandwiches. It were grand to see Wilfred and Lottie. It`s been a while.

Molly is still not sure what to do about her Percival and Burghley House and getting herself a position at one of the fine houses in Stamford. Perhaps, she`ll stay on in Grantham. 
She is still not sure, poor lass. Wilfred and Lottie don`t want her to go. They`d be lost without her, and she knows it too.

Wilfred had only good to say about Walter `gentleman blue-eyes`. He said he were a good boss and a nice man with it. Well, have to agree with that, I do. 
He were a right gentleman this afternoon in Dysart Park, he were. He knows a lot about poetry too and he`s sensitive with things, he is.
Wilfred said he never got married but he is friendly with a lady in Finkin Street named Crowston.
Well, I haven`t heard of her before and don`t know the name either in Finkin Street ! Likely is, she`s new to town, I`m betting. 
I`ll ask Magnolia later in the week, she`s only around the corner from Finkin Street is Magnolia. Magnolia will know.

I love this time of the year and Easter and it reminds me of Easters gone by back in Lincoln with the Chapmans and in Idle as a child before that. 
Aye, they were grand times and today is grand too, have to say.
Rambled back from Molly`s to Dudley Road along the River Witham, as I didn`t want to leave little Imp too long on her own especially on an Easter Sunday. She`s a darlin` she is. 
Enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine and the last few rays of the day on the walk home. 

9:00pm  Planned the evening meal for tomorrow with the Chapmans coming home from Lincoln tomorrow afternoon.
They won`t be fed there like they are here with me, so they won`t. I want them to return to one of me fine dinners !

I decided on Roast Fore-Quarter of Lamb and some fresh mint to correct the richness of it. We`ll have an open Jam Tart for afters. They`ll like that, they will.

I wasn`t really hungry after me day at Dysart Park and up Wilfred`s and Lottie`s, so I had a couple of pancakes before retiring with sugar, treacle, and fresh lemon. They were nice.

11:00pm –  In bed and Imp is with me lying on top of the bed cover at my feet.
It`s been a different type of Easter but I have enjoyed the whole day.
Walter will be in Dysart Park next Sunday and he said he hoped I would be there. Thinking about that is such a powerful emotion for me, one I hope gets stronger and does not depart.

The dream with the golden white lady last night and what she said - `things desired` makes sense now. 
Going for what you desire is positive and powerful but keeping with your soul is even more powerful and positive. 
No-one is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself as that is all that truly matters. All that will last. I almost feel I want to cry for the sheer joy of it. 
These tears of gratitude which I feel warm on me cheeks now. It`s not anyone`s job to love me, it`s mine! Our soul, we have to uncover it and rediscover its meaning, and give it rebirth just like Easter. 

Happy Easter Me -  Happy Easter Polly !


Then sings my soul

My Saviour, God, to Thee

How great thou art

How great thou art

Then sings my soul

My Saviour, God, to Thee

How great Thou art

How great Thou art


Victorian Grantham 1895 Easter 1895 in Grantham
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