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The Diaries of Mary Ann Wennell

Sunday August 19th, 1894
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5:30am – Got up earlier today because it`s church and off up to St. Wulframs, I am.

Down back stairs into the kitchen, pulled up the blind and opened the window.

Got jobs done. Got water from the pump in the bucket. Cleaned the range and fireplace. Breakfast.

Peeled me veg. Got the Yorkshire Pudd batter made up.

Beef ready to put in the oven before we go.

Master James was talking this morn about some riots over in America a few months past, he was. In a place called Cleveland, he said. Like the name, I do. Cleveland......nice.
All to do with the panic of `93, he said and depression it was, and railroads too.

And panic is right, mind, with the panic in Ireland and with depression and Land Wars and Irish Rights. Oh, I feel for Mr. Gladstone,`Our William` fighting on two fronts, he is.
He shouldn’t have kept silent, even to Parnell, I say.
They are arguing against Irish Home Rule and talking about nationality and connection now. Loads of folk want Ireland to be a colony now. 
Ooh, the Fenians won`t like that, so they won`t. I strive to learn from all things, I do. Master James knows lots, he does. Both oil and truth usually get uppermost in the end, we hope anyways !
Master James knows so much, he does.

 Breakfast, toast and gooseberry jam

 9:30am – Walk up to St Wulframs for the 10am service.

Walked a bit behind Master James, Mrs. Chapman and young Tim and Archibald, taking in the air. Feels like the air of my childhood, the air of my 16th year up in Idle that summer and Lincoln.
When I breathe it out, and when I let it go, I`m back to being the age I am now. Love taking in the air, I do.

Young Tim kept running back to me wanting to catch me hand. Bless Him ! I shooed him back to walk up front like he should.
I was quite shocked to learn from Magnolia that is some fine houses they would insist that domestic help must be Church of England or Presbyterian, and very often columns of advertisements in the papers would say: “No Irish need apply.”

That is most shocking and cannot agree with that at all. And in some places she said servants were often told to make themselves as nearly silent and invisible as they possibly could. They would have a job with me, they would !
Thankfully I have never experienced that in Lincoln or with the Chapman family here in Grantham.

I say it is about all of us celebrating what is both common and different, and about us having to understand how to walk through this life together. Lots of different flowers make a pretty garden, I always say and the same with people.

Magnolia from over Vine Street also said in some places your name were associated with a certain job. Then any new domestic help doing that same job were called that name thereafter.
Well, in those places you couldn’t even depend on keeping your name for the rest of your life.
You had someone else's name from before until you got a new job, then you had a new name. A real fifteen puzzle, and no mistake ! Gave me the morbs it did.

I wore my best Sunday bonnet. Bought ever so pretty ribbons for it. Feel grand strolling along and right proud too, I do.

It`s a lovely sunny stroll along the River Witham to St Wulframs. Thinking about how strange that Nature does not knock, and yet does not intrude either, you just have it. It`s such a lovely day. 
I love nature, I do. St. Wulframs is supposed to fit 700 folks and built of Lincolnshire limestone. Big strong church and lots a folks too. 
Nice church, it is though.

I must remember to bring a bit of bread next week for the walk, so young Tim and Archibald can feed the ducks and swans on the way up. If we are lucky we`ll see a Kingfisher, and some trout in the river, I`m betting. 
No, not that I`m a betting lass. mind. Ooh, I do love Kingfishers. It`s like the rainbow gave them birth. They are beautiful, they are !

At St. Wulframs, I sit further back down from Master James, Mrs Chapman and young Tim and Archibald. I don`t mind at all. I can see more and better, I can. 
I see the folks and what they`re wearing. I notice poor old Minnie from Avenue Road over in the far pew. She looks fair jaded. Poor thing. Bless her!

Spoke to Magnolia from over Vine Street, and she told me Lawty was shoved into the new work house on Dysart Road, poor soul. Worth has been underrated ever since wealth was overvalued, I say. 
Poor folks. Lady Bless Them !

Master James said this here workhouse cost 27, 000 pounds. I heard it`s awful ! Some kiddies are there as well. Children are poor mens`s riches, so they are. Sad, it is !
Aye, I was lucky I was when Samuel Tuke got me, and got me a home and better life anew, he did. Triple Bless that man !

In St. Wulframs church, the streaming sun was  pouring through the big stained-glass window with St Michael lit up like a golden sun he was, moving in silence, he were.
We sang grand hymns, we did and `Abide With Me`. Love that one! I put a penny today on the collection plate when it came round. I noticed Alice only put in a ha`penny. 
Still, she won`t be forgotten by God. You give what you`re able and it’s how much love you put into giving that counts, I always say. 

Nipped into the Lady Chapel and said a quick personal prayer, before I left. Used me own words here with real feeling I did. It`s different out there in the pews, it is.
Spoke to the Lady as I always do in private and know it`s right way to pray, I do. Few were here, so I were well able to stand with me feet slightly apart, raised me hands with me palms facing outward like I know.
I closed me fingers together and said me prayer to the Lady in the real right way. I felt all the good pour forth as a white light from me heart and palms of me hands went out. The way it always does. 
Thank you Lady.

[ Visit the website of the Church of St. Wulfram`s in Grantham in Lincolnshire. ]

I made quick haste home to get the Yorkshires in and get the table laid for 1 o`clock. May good digestion wait on appetite, I say. Hope their digestion is good today. 
You have to be careful with Yorkshires. When they are brown, they`re  done, when they`re black they`re buggered ! A good dinner sharpens wit and softens the heart. I always say. 
Molly never comes on a Sunday as it`s the lasses day off. She`s probably walking out with Percival again. Ooh, I still don`t like that name.

1:00pm – Served Master James, Mrs. Chapman, Archibald and young Tim Sunday lunch in the Dining Room. The Yorkshires turned out grand, they did..

3:00pm – Go up Dysart Park. Love the flower and shrub beds there. How they root and grow, then wilt and die and then scatter their seeds from which others bloom. 

Aye, bloom from their echoes in time, they do. The echoes shine a powerful light on their descendants, towards all these flower and shrub beds too. The descendents.
Just like me old folks that are gone now, they shine their powerful light on me from the echoes in time, they do, I know that.

Strolled over to the Bandstand and listened to the brass band there. It were right nice too. Love the Brass and Silver Bands that come here to Dysart Park, I do.

"Abide with Me" was writen as a poem by Henry Francis Lyte in 1847, who died 3 weeks later.
It is often sung to William Henry Monk`s tune "Eventide."

Black Dyke Band. Est. 1855.

In 1816, Peter Wharton founded a brass and reed band in the Yorkshire village of Queenshead

later to become Queensbury. Here is a recording of the Black Dyke Band in modern day times.

I spotted that very handsome gentleman again out of the corner of me eye. He was giving me the `glad eye` again, he was. Oooh, it didn`t half make me blush inside. 
Blushing is the colour of virtue but I didn`t show it. Hope not anyways. I know rarity gives a charm and I have got a well-turned ankle, so I have been told. 
Well, I just turned away and pretended I didn`t notice. Oooh, but I hope he`s there again next Sunday, I do. He makes me heart skip, he does. 
Meanwhile the brass band played on.... !

7:00pm – Served tea of cold beef from lunchtime and some salad with cabbage-lettuce, mustard and pepper-cress to Master James, Mrs. Chapman, Archibald and young Tim in the Dining Room. 
Nice it were.

Left Archibald and young Tim playing with young Tim`s tin soldiers in their bed chamber. Archibald is moving from the old Nursery Chamber next week to be independent, he is.
Master James asked Archibald to play with young Tim for a while for a change. Archibald is a good lad too, because he did. There is always an opportunity for a kindness, I always say. Bless Him !

11:00pm – Going to sleep thinking about my `gentleman blue-eyes` at the bandstand in Dysart Park today. If this August night spoke, it would say it discovered romance, I`d say. Romance……
Maybe all the good men haven't been "taken", and maybe "Mr. Right" does exist. I never wanted to marry young, and don't believe what some folk say that if a woman doesn't marry early in life, she may not be able to marry at all.

Ooh, not in the mood to read my book right now. I`ll leave that nice Mr. Scott and “The Heart of Midlothian" for another night, I will. .....Romance.........

Maybe I need to get a fan, or a parasol, a feather boa, or some gloves ?? Or all four. 


Pollys Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

The Bandstand at Dysart Park in Grantham

What we know as Dysart Park today was offered to Grantham Borough Council by the Earl of Dysart in 1906.
It became Houghton Road Recreation Ground in 1923, and its name was changed to Dysart Park in August 1926
after the Earl donated the land. I am not sure when the Bandstand was built.

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