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Thoughts On Our Ancestors
The Cry of our Ancestors The Cry Of Our Ancestors

"I am really delighted that the British Psychology Society research is reporting on this subject now, together with the European Journal of Social Psychology and to learn Dr. Peter Fischer and his colleagues at the Universities of Graz, Berlin and Munich have shown that thinking about our ancestors boosts our performance on intelligence tests, including verbal and spatial tasks - what they've dubbed 'the ancestor effect', this 2010 study, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology comprising of four studies. In other words, thinking about our roots boosts intellect and confidence - it raises energy levels !
I am indebted to their `scientific` findings and would hope there is more study to come.
Therefore, I ask for and would welcome from associated professional colleagues in the scientific world (which is very important), future scientific study to know even more about what other benefits connecting with our ancestors might have with the processes of social identity, family cohesion, self-regulation or norm activation elicited by increased ancestor neuroscience, semiotics and communication.

As a metaphysician, `energist` and clinical psychotherapist, in my `heart` and `genes`, I have always "known" it to be true for us all regardless of culture, race or origin which are all different but equal.

[ I am not here to attack or critise religion or religious liberty in any way. There are others that do that, of course. However, I am not including established hierarchical religions, religious beliefs in general and religious rules, views and dogma here as being equal which they are not. Humanity, the human race and `the human spirit` are different anthropological subjects to religions, religious law, dogma, religious views and religious beliefs, in fact the definition of religion itself ! 
Religions, like ideologies, are NOT inherent - they are changeable qualities of a being ]

I am talking about something much deeper, this positive 'sense of place', an expression of our innermost and highest being with the importance of the `landscape` of our people before us - our inner voice, our intuition, our instinct which speaks to our mind. 

Isolation and displacement from our roots is to blame for many personal and cultural ills in our world today. Addressing this is a very important, and a much needed part of a higher level of evolutionary development, and process for us. Allowing us to `awaken` and develop gifts that have been asleep and suppressed in the ordinary human being for a long time. Working with the energies of kindness, humility, lucidity, patience, forgiveness and of course TRUTH with good intention towards other people, and of course ourselves.

Whatever our heritage (all our equal and valid). We need to meet it, this big part of the new paradigm shift into healing.
We need to heal `the ages`.

Ancestoral Work at Tipperary House


The more I work with genealogy, emotions, spirituality, metaphysics and quantum physics, the more I am convinced, we carry the human experiences of our ancestors in our chromosomes, genes and DNA.

Working with our ancestors (whoever they are or were), through empathy, instinct, intuition and emotions, which in my view, are the biggest part of our real 6th sense at this time, if not verging on the 7th sense - will indeed catapult us into this different positive reality, and will also enhance the two sides of the brain to be more in harmony with each other. 
The left hand side handling logic, control and mathematics BETTER. The right hand side handling art, imagination and intuition BETTER.

It will whole-heartedly add to this paradigm shift - no - in fact it will add to creating the quantum shift ! 

This is what will ultimately aid to unlocking the 6th sense and more, and make energy REALER, making it provable and most of all - making energy more personal across time and space for all of us.
Here, I so welcome, agree and confirm the latest and innovating thoughts of my colleague and good friend, Dr. Silvia Hartmann and her paper, "Experiencing The Reality Of The Paradigm Shift: The Case Of EFT". She explains much here about increasing energy levels, as everything is made of energy and all apparent and observable realities are simply created by thoughts that are “shaping and binding” that energy in place.

As `seekers and travellers` currently on our journey today in the 21st century, and at this point in research, learning, experiencing and discovering, we can be reminded that our ancestors, whose genes we hold, successfully overcame a multitude of problems, emotions and adversities and created problems too. So, in order to go forward, we have to go back as well to that and the fundamentals !!!  

We need to step into the magic...

Before you can think about your own legacy, remember the legacies of those that came before you, consider their hard work and hard-earned strengths throughout time and history, their resilience in tough times, and their ingenuity and also their mistakes and failures.
Indeed, we owe them a debt of gratitude in line with the spiritual Law Of Gratitude.
It means honouring them, connecting with them `energetically`, through feeling directly and through a multiple of other ways like looking at history, genealogy, meditation, talking with older family members, through books, through stories, through metaphors, through art, through music and song, through poetry, through sketching, through language, through photographs, through dance, through chant, through shamanic practices, through affirmative prayer and invocations, and visiting museums and meaningful places - in other words, working with spiritual and heart energy. That is real divinity !
Through energy movements in the energy body - through EMOTION - like family constellation work, transgenerational psychotherapy, psychogenealogy, spiritual / alchemical hypnotherapy, the MET`s and EFT, gestalt and a number of others (all working with energy) - and then learning to live our life as if everything were a miracle ..................... and it is, we have just forgotten  !

Think of the Navajo Native Americans - before making any decision that affects their family or community, they consult with the seven generations that came before them.
We have Mexico’s Day of the Dead, when families welcome ancestors back into their homes and visit the graves of their loved ones. 
In my own beautiful celtic heritage and tradition from Ireland, during Samhain - "summer's end", which marks the beginning of An Geamhradh as well as the New Year, the dead at this season return, and food is left outdoors and lights are left burning all night for them. 
There are many other `world` examples where ancestors would appear to be around. We live on a continuum of time, and their energy is very much alive and awake, awakening to them and their stories is a tribute to their lives and ours !

Behavioural and psychological research confirms for a host of other people now - many of us have always `known` it, the benefits and surprising life improvements that stem from connecting with our ancestors and heritage on a very personal level, the limitless possibilities and probabilities that lie in their universal intelligence, help and intercession - a real paradigm shift, with high positive emotions and a different reality altogether - moving through the morphogenetic field leading to better morphic resonance for us all.

In fact, it is about the things that cannot be solved by just `thinking` in our world today, it`s about healing hurts stemming from the problems of the `old`, petitioning their help and learning from them on a number of levels, even from negative events and experiences sometimes. It`s about working with forgiveness sometimes too - through a healing with this `connective` process - and then the positive emotions, high positive energy experiences, indeed ultimately better emotions will be experienced which we haven`t experienced before - a balanced functioning which is most important for the Even Flow
There can be no true understanding of the present without knowledge of the past. Everything happening in our world today is a chain of a long line of events, decisions and lives that came before us. 
If we don`t know the past, it is not possible to know or improve the present, ourselves or indeed our / their future. 

"The Ancestors: Ultimately, we can take pride in who THEY were - and who WE are, moving forward together with them, to living to our full and evolved potential.
They are, and will always remain, a part of us". ~Dr. Michael G Millett

I end this paper with the fine words of Maya Angelou: “I would encourage us all, African Americans, Asians, Latinos, Whites, Native Americans to study history. I long for the time when all the human history is taught as one history. I am stronger because you are stronger. I am weaker if you are weak. So we are more alike than we are unlike.”

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