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from Dr. Michael G Millett (Elevated Therapy International)
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Custom Hypnotherapy Audio Tapes Custom Hypnotherapy Audio Tapes

My Commitment To Quality.

"My customised therapeutic, hypnotic and healing tapes are produced by me and are recorded in stereo utilising the most advanced audio technologies.
Each tape is digitally recorded, edited, and mastered to ensure the highest quality sound available.
I do it all myself! Behind my voice are a variety of techniques used and also subliminally (below the threshold of conscious awareness) recorded appropriate scripted affirmations enveloped in gentle background music which is a special musical piece written and recorded to accompany these individual therapeutic and healing tapes.
I also incorporate the scientific technology of cycle-per-second brain activity and frequency follow response to further open the door to your unconscious mind.
All this leads to profound positive change / healing on every level.
Every cassette is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship.
I will replace defective tapes at no charge within 30 days of purchase but I have never had to do this yet".

It was Michael`s commitment to the idea of making therapy more accessible to the general population that became the primary driving force in his decision to create the highest quality customised therapeutic tapes available worldwide. After spending countless hours exploring the many other so called "therapy tapes" available to the public, Michael`s commitment grew even stronger.
It was his belief that the majority of available tapes constituted nothing more than impersonal conveyor-belt products producing poor quality guided imagery recordings. Disappointed by the potentially damaging impression such poor examples of therapeutic recordings could have upon people, Michael set out to create the highest quality therapy tapes available for sale to the general public and customising them for measured results.
To this end, these tapes are personal to you based on the information supplied to Michael by you.
They can help you achieve an oasis of inner peace in the midst of the hyperactivity of the outer world and help with all sorts of problems of an emotional, spiritual, intuitive and physical nature thus moving you forward in your life. It`s like having therapy / personal development in the privacy of your own home with a leading therapist / counsellor, practitioner wherever you are in the world!

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Price:   £60.00

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Recordings > Designer (Customised) Recordings

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