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from Dr. Michael G Millett (Elevated Therapy International)
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Your Career and Life Plan (Astrological) Your Career and Life Plan (Astrological)

Excellent Advice based on your own Personal Cosmic Fingerprint.
Written by a leading British, Professional Astrologer in association with Elevated Therapy International.


Life is a continuous journey of growth and self-exploration.
The following Astrological Profile was created to assist us on our way to gaining a better understanding of ourselves and make that knowledge work for us.

Astrology is a unique blend of science and spirituality.
In modern times it has emerged as a powerful tool for personal growth and fulfilment. Astrology is perhaps the most specific technical branch of the occult `hidden` arts and many sceptics have been won over by the empirical nature of astrology once they took the time to investigate.
It`s spiritual side graphically demonstrates the Oneness of all life.
As time goes on and the human life-span on Earth grows longer, our culture grows more complex and we find more possibilities in our life experiences.
This is paralleled in the study of astrology.
Astronomy and astrology were once one and the same field; astrological truths are compatible with modern scientific ideas. Perhaps some day soon scientists will investigate astrology in a rational way.
Astrology is a wonderful aid; it helps you to perceive your link with the rest of the Cosmos.

What is this report about?

This report strives to reveal the meaning of life`s challenges and to help you define your spiritual and professional direction in life.
This Life-Plan and double report will indicate the strengths of different planetary influences at the time of your birth to help your judgement in all areas of your life.
It contains your own unique Career and Personal Profile.
Your own Cosmic fingerprint.

The Career Profile part addresses the questions:
What talents do I have?
How can I use and develop this ability?
The Personal Profile part of this report is divided into sections on identity, emotions, mentality, love and sexuality and is concerned with relationships and hidden psychological causes.

Read about the childhood issues influencing your present behaviour, and what is demanded of you to eliminate unconscious sabotage mechanisms.
You can read about YOU, the most interesting person in the world and learn how to get the most out of YOUR love-life and sexuality and enjoy intimacy too.
You will also receive your Natal Chart: a map of the sky at the time you were born which serves as a portrait, a mirror, a blueprint of your life (as potential).

You get full explanations of the interpretations of the planets, signs, aspects of the astrological charts for you in relation to your career and personal character.
The Career and Personal Life-Plan report is a no nonsense approach to you finding out everything you need to know about you.

This astrology report can only be completed for persons over the age of 18 years.
It is not intended for legal, financial, or medical advice.
This astrology report offers precise and accurate astrological information as an art and science and is intended for developmental, entertainment and focus purposes.

Therefore Elevated Therapy International is very happy to deliver this beautifully designed and astonishingly accurate personal report of about 20 pages to you.

Professionally designed and astrologically accurate.
You need this information!

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Personal Career and Life Plan
Readings > Career and Life Plan

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