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from Dr. Michael G Millett (Elevated Therapy International)
Recordings > Life-Force Hypnotherapy CD`s

The Life-Force Hypnotherapy CD Recordings The Life-Force Hypnotherapy CD Recordings

The much acclaimed hypnotic cd`s to heal mind, body and spirit.
They help you improve your life as you wish.

At all stages, a joyful life results from freedom through dispensing old, fearful, limited belief systems.
Whether you're shifting careers, facing a life threatening illness, or in need of support for whatever reason, please browse, explore and order the titles below to obtain ways to achieve and sustain joy.

Each cd is completely safe and very effective.
Incorporated into the cd`s are sound effects which will guide you into a state of complete physical and mental relaxation utilising the most advanced audio technologies.
Each cd is digitally recorded, edited, and mastered to ensure the highest quality sound available. I do it all myself and pride myself in my work! Behind my voice are a variety of techniques used and also subliminally (below the threshold of conscious awareness) recorded appropriate scripted affirmations enveloped in gentle background music which is a special musical piece written and recorded to accompany these therapeutic and hypnosis and healing cds. The special sound effects incorporated into the recordings have been recorded at 60 b.p.m, which helps to synchronise the left and right hemispheres of the brain and create a very receptive learning state.
Each cd also includes Pink Noise, a natural sound similar to waves. The low frequencies (between 6 & 10hz) emitted by Pink Noise synchronise with brainwaves and guide you into a mentally relaxed and creative state.
In this very receptive relaxed state you will be receive a number of positive suggestions to help you achieve your desired goal or healing focus.
I also incorporate the scientific technology of cycle-per-second brain activity and frequency follow response to further open the door to your unconscious mind.
All this leads to profound positive change / healing on every level.
At the end of each cd you will be gently brought back to full waking consciousness. The important thing to remember is that you are being guided, so you will always be in full control of the whole process. If at anytime you need to awaken - you just open your eyes and you will be wide awake. Sometimes people can fall asleep whilst listening to the cds and again that's fine as the unconscious mind is very capable of absorbing all the positive suggestions even in light sleep states as rapport has already been set up with the unconscious mind to begin with.

Ideally to be used on head-phones or a walkman. Not best suited for a room system.

Once you have bought and worked with your cd recording please feel free to write to me with details of your progress as I am always interested and delighted to hear how well people are doing with the recordings.

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Athletic Excellence

Attaining Goals

Breast Cancer: Radiation Treatment and Recovery

Changing Life Patterns

Confidence Building

Connecting with Personal Guide

Creating Boundaries

Enhance Musical Performance

Expanding Light Meditation

Experiencing Balance

Experiencing Choice

Experiencing Flexability

Experiencing Intuition

Experiencing New Expectations

Experiencing Responsibility

Experiencing Self- Discipline

Experiencing Self-Love

Foreign Language Study

Fear of Flying

Freedom From Fear


Guided Imagery for Deep Relaxation

Healing: Inner Child

Healing: Receptive Visualisation

Healing for Healers

Healing from Traumatic Injury

Healing Relationships

Help with Cancer

Help with Chemotherapy Side Effects

Help with Dyslexia

Holistic, Creative Problem Solving (Instructional)

Improved Learning / Test Anxiety

Improve your Memory

Improving Reading Speed

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Inner Voyage Through the Chakras

Learning Detachment

Learning to Make Decisions

Living in the Present Moment

Managing Cravings

Modify Smoking Behaviour

Overcoming Grief

Pain Management: Receptive Visualisation

Pain Management: Direct Suggestion

Positivity and Optimism

Preparation for Surgery

Presentation and Sales Skills

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Relaxed Childbirth

Releasing Anger

Releasing Control

Releasing Energy for Change

Releasing Judgements

Self Esteem

Self Discovery

Skin Problems

Sound and Restful Sleep

Stage Fright

Strengthened Immune System

Stress Reduction

Teaching with Confidence

Tinnitus (Ear Noises)

Trusting the Spirit Within

Weight Reduction

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Recordings > Life-Force Hypnotherapy CD`s

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